Tip 14

TIP 14 In Depth Video with Example

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Impress your boss by using the company colors in your diagrams.  Sample the exact colors of a company logo and incorporate into your diagram and border elements. 

Example 14-1

Start with a clean logo and open in Microsoft Paint.


Example 14-2

 Select the eye dropper tool and click on the orange area in the logo.



Example 14-3

After the color has been sampled (Color 1), choose Edit colors on right side of color palette. 



Example 14-4

Write down the Hue, Saturation, and Luminosity (HSL) or the Red, Green, Blue (RGB) information.



Example 14-5

In Microsoft Visio, select your shape and on the HOME tab, go to EDIT>More Colors.



Example 14-6

Choose the Custom tab, and in this example I used the RGB levels for the orange I wrote down from the logo sampling.



Example 14-7

Ring takes on the exact logo color.



Example 14-8

Use the colors sparingly, reserving for important locations like company headquarters and the border.  The diagram will take on the corporate identity and create a sense of pride.




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