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This 283 page ebook includes information and tips that I have learned over years of polishing and sharpening my diagramming skills. While working to offer a valuable resource to my peers in the field, I began to conceptualize this book as a way of offering more detailed guidance in creating quality network diagrams while also providing richer, more detailed visual examples of various types and styles of diagrams.

This book offers constructive, beneficial information that can help my fellow network specialists create polished, professional diagrams. Purchase your copy today and make a name for yourself with beautiful diagrams. – Colby West
eBook purchase comes with toolkit that includes borders, custom 2-dimensional and isometric icons, custom clouds, and background templates. Use your knowledge with the toolkit and improve your diagrams today!


eBook and Toolkit


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The eBook uses Adobe Digital Editions and can be viewed on PC, Mac, iPads, and Android tablets. This uses a fixed format and is best viewed on a large screen, and not recommended for phones or small tablets.



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